SAP Integration and folders structure in file adapter scenarios

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There are one small note when you do interface data between SAP and None-SAP systems with files adapter scenario. That is “How to design folders structure for Outbound and Inbound Data” then easier for managing partners, permission and archiving files data.

There are two points we need to consider when design folders structure:




When we work with complex integration landscape with many files (XML / CSV / TXTX …) and many partner’s systems then the designation of folders structure very important to help system sending and receiving data without any mistake.

In file adapter scenarios, the protocol can be used are FTP (File Transfer Protocol), SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) or share folders, we need to standardize folders structure.


  1. SAP System, SAP is main system in integration landscape, where master data / business transaction data defined and recorded.
  2. Partner System, partner’s system are none-SAP systems. Partner system can send or receive data from SAP System.
  3. System Landscape is a list of systems integrate data via transfer data protocols

There are two ways of data in files integration scenarios:

  1. Data from SAP System to partner’s system, we called “Outbound
  2. Data from partner’s system to SAP system, we called “Inbound

Organize folders structure help easier to control integrated files input and output. Example, in the landscape we had ten systems invoked and more than ten interface objects for each. If we don’t organize folders follow forms then we will face issues with files losing.

Outbound folders structure

Inbound folders structure

Inbound / Outbound and systems invoke

Point 1: SAP Outbound data to partner system, each interface object will have different folder, after consume data in inbound folders, partner system can archive files and deleted files was processed.
Point 2: None-SAP inbound data to SAP, after consume data SAP PO will archives data to “Archive folders”


Security is the most importance when you define folders structure, as you know in the complex landscape with multiple systems invoke, some data content sensitive data like salary, banking account, etc… so we need to make sure that no security risk. The security roles in here is partner system can access their folders with corresponding authorities.

Example, POS (Point of sales) system can access “POS” folders to consume outbound master data (material, price, etc…) and send sales to inbound folders but can’t access to other’s partner’s folders.

There are two find of users:

  • User for partner system can access and consuming / sending data. This user only have permission to process files on their partner’s folders
  • User for SAP PI/PO consuming / sending data. This user should have full permission on files for all partner’s folders.

Partner’s system user

SAP PI/PO user


Cuong Dang

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