In this topic, i will show you list of roles and permission you need to grant to users who use SAP CAR POS DTA (Point of Sales Data Transfer and Audit) for administration and monitoring.

In SAP CAR POS DTA, there are two kind of user accounts that you need to consider when do authorization.

Administrator roles

/POSDW/DELE – Delete PIPE Data, this transaction allow you delete inbound queue data.

/POSDW/IDIS – IDoc Parallel Processing

/POSDW/IMG – Customizing POS Data Warehouse

/POSDW/ODIS – PIPE Outbound Processing

/POSDW/PDIS – POS Data Parallel Processing

/POSDW/QDIS – Inbound Queue Processing

/POSDW/QMON – POS WB: Selection and Overview

/POSDW/REFI – Recreate Index Records

/POSDW/REFQ – Inbound Queue Reorganization

/POSDW/REFT – Administration of TREX Search Engine

Sales Audit roles

/POSDW/IDIS – IDoc Parallel Processing

/POSDW/MON0 – POS WB: Selection and Overview

/POSDW/MON1 – POS WB: Overview Yesterday and Today

/POSDW/MON2 – POS WB: Errors Yesterday and Today

/POSDW/PDIS – POS Data Parallel Processing

In some scenarios, you don’t want audit user change values of sales transaction, just make sure that there have no right to change or create in authorization list

You can copy standard roles of SAP and and do customize per your requirements:

Goto Tcode: PFCG and check two standard roles




Cuong Dang

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