All About ABAP Report Programming

Purpose/Use of Report Programs

They are used when data from a number of tables have to be selected and processed before presenting
Used when reports demand a special format
Used when the report has to be downloaded from SAP to an Excel sheet to be distributed across.
Used when the report has to be mailed to a particular person.
Important Points to Note About Report Program

Report Programs are always Executable Programs. Program Type is always 1.
Every Report program corresponds to a particular Application Type i.e. either with Sales & Distribution, FI – CO etc. It can also be Cross Application i.e. type ‘*’.
Report Programming is an Event-driven programming.
The first line of a report program is always Report .
To suppress the list heading or the name of the program the addition No Standard Page Heading is used.
The line size for a particular report can be set by using the addition line-size .
The line count for a particular page can be set by using the addition line-count n(n1). N is the number of lines for the page and N1 is the number of lines reserved for the page footer.
To display any information or error message we add a message class to the program using the addition: Message-id . Message classes are maintained in SE91.

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