[SAP PO] – Building SAP PO Check list

Hi guys,

I receive sequences questions when start SAP PO project. In this topic, i will show you check list what should be prepared on SAP PO, SAP ECC, SAP S4 or SAP CAR.

If you are lucky, you are joining on going projects so you can inherit configuration and some connection configs stuff. If not you need to know what should be done before start SAP PO mapping.

To be honest, why do we need check list ?

When you are working in SAP Projects, there are so many things and many team are working together. We need to make sure that all dependence tasks should raise to right team / peoples to help you do.

1. SAP ERP / CAR / BW: RFC Connection

In almost integration scenarios, you need RFC accounts.

RFC Account used for SAP PO sending data via RFC. Example inbound data via IDOC

RFC Account on SAP ERP | CAR | BW
Configuration RFC account of SAP ERP | CAR | BW on SAP PO Destination

2. SAP PO: Define Business System

Depend on your integration Landscape you need to define business system in your SAP PO. Here you can define business system for SAP ERP, SAP CAR, SAP BW etc…

If business system is one of SAP System. You need to know technical system which provided by basis team or synced from SOLMAN.

Access to your SAP PO


Access “Business System”

Example, define business system for SAP S4 HANA

Business System for third party system. With third party business system, i don’t have real technical system so i can define dummy technical for them.

3. SAP ERP: Define proxy connection

Proxy necessary when we do send data with none-standard SAP interfaces like ABAP custom program.

3.1 RFC Destination from SAP S4 | CAR | BW to SAP PO

Access to SAP HANA, BW, CAR and create RFC destination for SAP PO.

TCode: SM59

3.1 Create SLD Access Data for Proxy

When you are using ABAP proxies, SAP S4 | BW | CAR need to connect to your SAPP PO system to get metadata, structures which you designed on Enterprise Service Builder. You need to show SAP know where to load those metadata by config PO information on SLD.


3.2 Integration Engine Administrator

Go to SAP ERP | BW | CAR


We need input all parameters and RFC destination which defined previous step

4. SAP ERP: Define Port

Define port for IDOC processing

4.1 Create RFC Destination for IDOC

And don’t forget to check unicode support during transfer data

4.2 Define IDOC Port

TCode: WE21

5. SAP PO: Create Production

Create product and software components

6. Check SAP ERP Proxy URL

In some integration scenario, you need to use SOAP Adapter on SAP PO. You need to SAP ERP XI Engine, the URL below will allow you access SAP ERP with technical account.

http://[SAP ERP HOST NAME]:8000/sap/xi/engine?type=entry

When you try to access SAP ERP URL and response with SOAP message below meaning XI engine working well on SAP ERP.

Thank you for your attention and let me know if any idea.

Cuong Dang

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