[SAP] – ABAP Proxy Service Provider testing for a functional consultant

Hi Guys,

In this topic, I will show you how to test ABAP proxy service providers by the functional consultant. In some scenarios, the functional consultant doesn’t have access to SAP PO to do unittest. The functional consultant can do tests in SAP ERP by themself.

The example I show below is stock query webservice, third-party system can query stock from SAP S4 HANA via SAP PI/PO.

1/ Integration scenario

SAP PO will expose webservice to third-party systems.

1Third-party system call SOAP Webservices exposed by SAP PI/PO
2The SAP PI/PO will forward the request message to SAP ERP System.
3In SAP ERP will implement proxy class what defined by SAP PI/PO
4After implementing ABAP logic, the results will send back to SAP PI/PO
5SAP PI/PO will do mapping and forward response messages to a third-party system

As pictured below, the functional consultants can do unit tests without SAP PI/PO

2/ How to test

After the ABAP code is implemented, the functional consultant can perform testing.

Open Abap ABAP Proxy on SAP ERP


Locate to “Service provider” what you want to test

Click to test button on the header menu

Select the method

Edit request parameters


Result response


Cuong Dang (Cody)

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