Hi guys, in this article I want to discuss about how to send file xml ( IDOC outbound) from SAP/ERP to SAP CPI. Let’s go

Step 1 : Define logical system (LS)

Go to T-Code : BD54

Assign this logical system for client.

Go to T-Code : SALE => Logical Systems => Assign Logical System to Client

Step 2 : Define Http connection to External Server (Type G)

This section require that connection from SAP/ERP must be connect with CPI so, you have to contact with administrator or Basis team to configure this connection through Firewall or PROXY.

Also, check issue If have related with network issue

Go to T-Code : SM59

Click on node : HTTP Connections to External Server

Click : Create button

  • (1) : Name of connection
  • (2) : Host, this host will get from iFow which deployed.
  • (3) : Port. Normally is 443
  • (4) : Path Prefix. Base on config of integration flow.

Click on tab : Logon and Security

Step 3 : Define Port

In PI, we create tRFC port. In CPI we create XML HTTP Port

Go to T-Code : WE21

Click node : XML HTTP

Click F7 / Create

(1) : Choose connection which defined in step (2)

Step 4 : Add TRUST of CPI into SAP ERP

Go to SAP BTP => Account => SAP Integration Suite application => Monitor => Key Store

Create new key pair

Click this entries and download certificate.

Go to SAP ERP, T-Code : STRUST

Add certificate into as below

Step 5 : Test connection from SAP ERP to SAP CPI ( Check connection HTTP to External Server)

Go to T-Code : SM59

Choose connection type G : HTTP connection to external server

Click Test Connection

ICM_HTTP_PROXY_CONN_REFUSED : Message is SAP ERP cannot connect to SAP CPI. So, kindly contact with administrator to resolve this issue. Ex : Open port from SAP/ERP to SAP CPI through Firewall…

Step 5 : Define partner profile (WE20)
  • Go T-Code : WE20
  • Create new Partner Type : LS
  • Partner No : Logical System
  • Partn.Type : LS
  • Ty. : User

In outbound parameter, click create

Add Message Type =WP_PLU

Receiver Port : Choose port in WE21

After all, We have screen as :

Test scenarios

Case 1 : Connection refuse when send data from SAP to CPI

T-Code : WE19

Edit Port of CPI

Send Outbound Processing

Go to T-Code : WE02, check IDOC sent to External port but get Status = 02

Case 2 : Wrong SSL

Case 3 : It’s OK.

T-Code : SM59

Click : Connection Test

Input account to connect CPI

Go to WE19


Check T-Code : WE02

Check on SFTP on-premise


In this article, I shared how to send data from SAP/ECC/S4HANA to SAP CPI ( Outbound IDOC). This is basic flow in scenarios Integration Outbound IDOC with CPI. Thanks for your reading and if have any question, kindly leave your comment in below this article.




  1. Hi Joseph,

    Thank you very for this article and it is easy to understand as you have mentioned screen shots and explanations.
    I have one doubt, if we have five, IFLOW in our ERP system then we need to create 5 RFC destinations?
    or can we use one RFC destination for all IFLOW’s?


  2. Hi Joseph,

    Can you please tell me how we can set up certificate based authentication between ECC and CPI, with the option ‘Do not use a User’ option in the Logon and Security tab in the RFC destination in the ECC system. What all certificates will be required for setting up this type of connectivity?


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