Hi guys, in this article I’m going to share some tips in SAP CPI. Hope all of you feel interested when start learning about CPI. Let’s go

#1. Integration Simulation in SAP CPI

In first TIP, I talk about how to run integration flow in simulation mode. Example I have integration flow collect data from XML and insert database by JDBC adapter

I want to run simulator to check my integration right or wrong. This is step by step I do.

  • In mode read only, click on arrow from start to message mapping -> choose start point.
  • Click on icon Start Simulation -> enter body of request. IF your request include Header or Properties, also add in here
  • Click on arrow where you want to stop simulation -> Choose Stop endpoint.
  • After set start point and end point. Go to menu choose start simulation
  • Run simulation success we can click every envelop to view message data output.

#2 XML & XSD

Because of CPI mapping use format XML, XSD. Do we have to know how to parse XSD base on XML.

Go to here to convert XSD from XML

#3. Integration flow simulation with input ZIP file send to SFTP

  • We have ZIP file which include many file in there and integration flow will split every file with file name, after that will send to SFTP.
  • Create integration flow
  • Configure of ZIP Splitter
  • Configure of Content Modifier, get file name of files from request



  • Set start point from Sender to ZIP splitters
  • End point after content modifier.
  • Click on Start point. Choose ZIP file into body
  • Run Simulation. After success, we will see one list file which split from zip file


In this article, I shared step by step How to working with Simulation in SAP CPI. It uses in some cases test integration flow, to view data at every step in flow. Thanks for your reading, any question kindly leave your comment below this.



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