Hi guys, in this article I want to share a tip Send material master data by using message type ARTMAS. To do this, We have 2 ways

  • Using T-CODE BD10
  • Using configuration change pointer and ABAP Program RBDMIDOC

Configuration distribution model – BD64

Go to T-CODE: BD64

Switch edit mode: F9

Create Model View


For ARTMAS, we use Object/Interface is RetailMaterial and Method is Clone

If we have many client, we can distribute this model view for them.

If you want restrict with any condition, we can use filter. Double click on node Receiver determination to filter

In this, you can choose some group to filter. Example you choose Material Type, then after that, if send Material which have Material Type equal with configuration in here, then that material can not send to external.

Configuration logical system (If not yet configure) – SALE

Go to T-Code SALE

Node Basic Settings

Node Logical systems

Node Define Logical System

In this here, create logical system for sender and receiver.

Configuration partner profile – WE20

Go to T-CODE: WE20

Node Partner Type LS

Receiver port, you have to configuration with T-CODE WE21

Send Material Master with T-CODE: BD10

This way, you send material by choose exactly what material which you want.

Go to T-CODE: BD10

Check WE02

Send Material Master with Change Pointer

Active change pointer for message type ARTMAS

Go to T-CODE: BD50

Generate outbound IDOCs by using Standard Program RBDMIDOC – SE38

This is a standard program, allow send all data of any Message which have configured change pointer.

Example: Go to MM42, edit one material master.

Go to T-CODE: SE38


Check WE02


In this article, I shared tip how to send material to external system. As a integration consultant, sometimes we need to know some tips as this to do unit test integration by yourself. Because I am a integration consultant, not S/4HANA MM consultant, so if I am incorrect, kindly correct and advise me. You’re welcome. Thanks for your reading and any advise or correct, help leave your comment on this.


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