SAP Process Orchestration – System Landscape configuration – Part 2

Hi Guys,

Continue SAP Process Orchestration – System Landscape – Part 1.

In this article, i will show you detail step by step to do configure SAP PO System Landscape.

1.Create Product


Access “Products” link


Click on “New…” button


(1) Choose “Create new product and version”
(2) Click “Next” button

(1) Enter name of product

(2) Enter vendor of product

(3) Enter product version

(4) Click “Next”


Product is created successfully.


2.Create technical system

System Landscape-Technical System

Type of technical system:

  • AS ABAP (using connect to SAP ERP, BW, CAR)
  • AS Java
  • Standalone
  • Third-party

3.Create business system

In SAP PO server can connect to many SAP Destination system. Example, SAP PO send sales data to SAP CAR and some transaction to SAP ERP system. Here we can define two business system to grouping integration scenarios will send to each system.


Click on “New Business System


(1) AS ABAP (here, i try to connect SAP PO to SAP ERP)

(2) Click “Next” for continue…


(1) Choose technical system what we defined above.

(2) Click “Next” to continue


Please note, system will raise error message when you create business system was assigned to client which was assigned to other.

So, to avoid that i chosen different SAP ERP Client.


(1) Enter name of business system

(2) Click “Next” to continue


(1) After connect to your technical system, installed products loaded and show you details of each product.

(2) Click “Next” to continue


In “Business System Role” you can see there is two option “Application System” and “Integration Server“. Here i connect to application system correctly.


Above option, i chosen “Application System“. So in the second combobox (“Related integration Server“) i select integration engine which was done by basis consultant.

Business System created, you can review information in business system homepage.


4.Software Components

Software component normally divided by group of functionalities of partner’s system. For in retails integration landscape, i have POS and E-Commerce website, POS and E-Commerce will have different functionalities and process behavior. That case i will make two software components. One for POS and one for E-Commerce.


Choose “By component


There are two options, you can create new software component or copy from existing one. I choose create new one. Click “Next” to continue


(1) Choose “Product version” from list what you defined above and enter name of software component what you want to be.

(2) Click “Finish” to complete creation


Okay, that’s all for System Landscape Directory configuration.

See you in next article, with mapping feature…

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