SAP Process Orchestration – System Landscape – Part 1

Hi Guys,

Continue series of SAP Process Orchestration articles, this article i will show you how to create “System Landscape Directory”, first please refer this topic to understand what is “System landscape” in SAP PO.


1.Access System Landscape

SAP Basis consultant take responsibility setup SAP PO server to Integration consultant. They will provide us SAP PO Server URL.

System Landscape-2.png

The standard format of URL: http://:/dir/start/index.jsp

Access to “System Landscape” link above will redirect you to System Landscape home page.


Here list of functions (the red highlight is mandatory ):

System Landscape-3

(1) Define technical System. Setup technical system invoke to landscape

System Landscape-Technical System

(2) Define group of system are invoked

System Landscape-Group

(3) Define business system

System Landscape-Business System

(4) Define product

System Landscape-Product
System Landscape-Software Components

(5) Define software components

SAP Process Orchestration – System Landscape configuration – Part 2



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