SAP Process Orchestration – Enterprise Service Repository (ESR) – Import metadata object – Part 2

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Continue SAP Process Orchestration – Enterprise Service Repository (ESR) – Part 1

Now i will show you how import IDOC Metada from SAP ERP system. The question is why do we need import metadata and what is metadata ?


Metadata is data structure of source or destination system. Example, sales order (SO) object in SAP ERP, there are many group of information in SO like header, items, discount, payment, pricing condition, delivery information etc… all group of information displayed in data structures. And object’s structure of SO, SAP call “Message Type“. Message type content all information of SO. When source system want transfer SO to SAP ERP, SAP PO need read SAP ERP SO “Message Type” and provide values for each mandatory fields.

What “Message Type” metadata will be import to SAP PO ?

Base on SAP Implementation “Blueprint Phase”, functional and integration consultant will list out objects will be send and receive to SAP System. There are many message type content information of the same object. In some message type can cover some certain information only.

So, to make decision what message type will be used need investigation between functional consultant and integration consultant.

How to import message type to Software Component Version ?

Under imported Software Component Version, right click on “Imported Object” select “import of SAP Objects


System will raise error message when you missing server setting


To fix it, go back to Software Component Version what you just imported and apply server information then import again.


Then do import again


Import successful message


Then we must active imported metadata


(To be continue…)

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