SAP CAR – POSDM Implementation steps

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Today this topic, i will summary tasks needed when you Implement SAP CAR or POS DM with POS DTA module .

SAP CAR POS DTA Implementation Tasks

SAP CAR – POSDM POS DTA Implementation steps

As the same with others SAP Modules, blueprint phase we need talk with business owner to finger out business process and key information of customer business.

In SAP CAR – POS DTA as picture above, analysis phase is blueprint phase. In this phase we discuss with sales operation persons to find out:

  • Transaction type: Transaction type is indicator in header level of sales receipt. Transaction type define type of receipt or channel where receipt come from. Example, in customer’s retail business, sales data can be come from walking consumer, e-commerce website, facebook, chatbot… can call “multi-touch point”. For reporting or future analysis, business owner should define transaction type as detail as possible.
  • Item Type: Item type is group of goods have same properties or same attributes. Item type placed in item level of receipt. As transaction type, we can divide in receipt level, item type we can divide in item level. Benefit of detail item type, to help control data flow and specific processing of each item. Example, in the receipt we could have multiple items, some item are trading goods, some items are free of charge item, some are services item… In that scenario, we can separate item by type. In the detail analysis reporting operation can see detail per type. In normal retails ERP System,transactions will post from SAP CAR POS DTA to SAP ERP through Sales and Payment objects, with detail item type definition, consultant can control inventory consumption per warehouse operation requirements.
  • Tender Type: Tender type is payment method in sales transaction. Consumer could pay by cash, credit card, debit card or other online payment methods. Define tender type detail help financial / accounting control GL posting and reconciliation easier and effectively.
  • Discount Type: Discount type is discount method apply to receipt level or item level. Discount type help sales and accounting posting managed pricing procedure if goods in receipt. To design detail of discount method also help operation / marketing department analysis efficacy of promotion campaign.
  • Tax Type: Tax type is value-added Tax in item level.


(To be continue….)

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