Inter-Company Sales Process

Author thangdiablo

Manufacturing company produces IoT Devices (Company A)

Fulfillment company has responsibility for distributing products to distributor/partner/bulk customer (Company B). Goods have been shipped from plants that are belong to Company A and Sales Order has been created from Company B Sales Area


  • The management team of company B wants to do posting on its inventory G/L (156/632) even B does not store any stock.
  • Automatic inter-company account reconciliation and settlement

Necessary Configuration steps

  1. Define Order Types for Inter-Company Billing
  2. Define Pricing Procedure & Pricing Determination
  3. Assign vendor to company code for auto posting
  4. Assign organizational units by plant (company A)
  5. Create/Maintain output type
  6. Assign output type to billing type
  7. Create partner profile
  8. Assign Sales Area of company B to Plant of company A
  9. Result

Step 1: Use or copy billing type IV to ZIV

Step 2 Define Pricing Procedure for Company A and Company B

Company B Pricing procedure

In this step, we have step 405 that copy value from step 400 and do posting COGS (156/632) through account key ZP

Company A Pricing procedure

We will only maintain the inter-company price through condition type PI01 and IV01 will be a reference condition type. Step 400 we will do posting to record revenue and tax for inter-company price.

Step 3: Assign vendor account for automatic posting

Step 4: Assign Organization Unit by Plant (Company A) in inter-company billing

Step 5: Tcode Nace V3 Billing

Assign this output type to billing type IV

Step 6: Assign output type to billing type

Step 7: Create partner profile for sending idoc

Tcode We20. In KU add customer master represent comp code B but creating in sales area A
In LI add customer master comp code A
Remember application V3, message type RD04, Process code SD08
With LI the message type will be placed in Inbound
Remember the process code and trigger immediately

Step 8: Assign Sales Area B to Plant A

Assign Sales Area B to Plants A

Step 9: Result

We see here having two billings
First billing to external customer
Second billing to internal customer (from A to B)
COSG posting has been recorded with billing to external customer


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