SAP CAR – Understanding Tasks status table logs (/POSDW/TSTAT)

Hi guys,

In this article, i will show quick information SAP CAR table : /POSDW/TSTAT. This table used for write POS Transaction’s tasks status. To understand this table, you can write reports and faster to check transaction’s tasks status.

For each time we execute task of transaction, CAR will update task’s status into table : /POSDW/TSTAT. SAP CAR was done smart design of this table to record transaction status to reduce number of record what will be stored in database. Instead of write status of each task of each transaction, SAP wrote with aggregated status of transactions.

For example:

We defined five tasks for transactions then in one business date all tasks executed successfully, status table will be have five records.

Use this table for SAP CAR POS Transaction tasks status monitoring

To reduce monitoring time, we can develop reporting to see all transactions status instead of go to POS Workbench. But In /POSDW/TSAT table doesn’t store actual POS Transaction sequence number, you need to join with TLOGF table with Transaction Index key.



  1. Hello

    SAP didn’t provide T-Code for this program, however, using SE93, you should be able to add a Custom T-Code for program /1BCDWB/POSDW/TSTAT and then add it in Favorites (Monitoring).

    I would like to recommanding to add some of those table using the same process
    /POSDW/TLOGF Transaction Log Flat table
    /POSDW/TLOGF_EXT Transaction Log Extensions table
    /POSDW/TLOGF_X Transaction Log Optimized Extensions table
    /POSDW/TIBQ Inbound Queue for POS Transactions
    /POSDW/TIBQ_ADM Management Records of Inbound Queue for POS Transactions
    /POSDW/SOBJL Source Object Link for POS Transactions
    /POSDW/PLOGF Processing Log for Long Logs (if activated)
    /POSDW/PLOG1S Processing Log for Small Logs
    /POSDW/TSTAT Areas of Task Status
    /POSDW/NAVIX Navigation Index for Store and Day
    /POSDW/AGGR POS Aggregate




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