SAP CAR – POS DTA Configuration Step by Step (Part 2)

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To be continue SAP CAR – POS DTA Configuration Step by Step (Part 1)

10.Define Tasks

In this guide, i used “One-Step Processing”
Transaction Code
IMG Menu
SAP Customer Activity Repository -> POS Data Management -> Tasks -> One-Step Processing -> Define Tasks

In this procedure, you can define tasks which can perform process your sales / transaction data from legacy system.
For example, data from POS (Point of Sales) send to SAP CAR at End of Day. All raw data will be stored in inbound queues. Tasks will collect sales data perform master data checking, validation and aggregation before send aggregated data to SAP ERP.
Such as SAP CAR standard tasks, you can copy and change parameters per requirements.

Each receipt was send to SAP CAR should perform tasks as below:
1. Supply BW with Distribution : This task will send raw data with details information to SAP BW (Reporting and analysis).
2. Check for Duplicate Transactions : This task will perform check duplication transaction from POS.
3. Check for Balanced Transactions : This task will perform check balance amount of transaction, checking sales items total amount and payment amount.
4.Generate IDoc WPUTAB : This task will perform aggregation and generate summary payment of each payment method document and send to SAP ERP.
5.Generate IDoc WPUUMS : This task will perform aggregation and generate sales data per store / business date / item  / Unit of Measure and send to SAP ERP.
6.Generate IDoc WPUFIB : This task will generate financial transaction and send to SAP ERP without any aggregation.

By SAP CAR data aggregation standard methodology, sales and payment will be aggregated base on key fields on receipt (Example : Store / Business Date / Item / Unit of Measure / …etc). and aggregated data information send to SAP ERP very limited. Per business requirement we need to enhance standard aggregation behavior to capture more detail additional data.



Group : Processing Type
Type of Task help you define task perform behavior, you can perform task immediately or collect before perform.

Base on my experiences, tasks handling master data checking should perform immediately when transaction data come to SAP CAR Workbench.

10.Tasks_type of task

Task Priority : There may many tasks will be assigned to inbound transaction, we need define sequence of tasks will perform processing. Example, when inbound sales transaction come to SAP CAR Workbench we need perform tasks follow sequence : Check Duplicate Transaction -> Check Balance Transaction -> Supply Data to SAP BW ->… and so on…


Mirror Tasks should be implemented in SAP Retail Model

1.Aggregate and generate sales transaction to SAP ERP
As i mentioned above, main functionality of SAP POS DTA is aggregation sales transaction then send to SAP ERP. In SAP CAR, IDOC with message type : WPUUMS will be use.
As you see, type of Task will be set to “Collective Processing“, mean sales raw data will be collected before perform aggregation.
In the “Control” group, “Parameter Group” define kind of document will be passed to SAP ERP. In here, sales transaction data will pass to SAP ERP by IDOC with message type is WPUUMS.


Benefits of aggregation are:
– Reduce raw data to SAP ERP.
– Reduce numbers of business transaction send to SAP ERP
– Apply for all retails models (B2B, B2C, Online etc..)

2.Aggregate and generate payment transaction to SAP ERP

One if major task in retail SAP CAR is send aggregated payment by method to SAP ERP. Such as financial perspective, financial operation care about totals amount of each payment method. SAP CAR give to us standard IDOC message type call : WPUTAB.


Similar with sales, task for payment methods also collective before process and pass data to ERP.

As you see image below, payment methods will be grouped.


In some scenario, finance operation want more additional information for reconcile, the enhancement need to applied in task.

11.Assign Tasks to Group

Transaction Code
IMG Menu
SAP Customer Activity Repository -> POS Data Management -> Tasks -> One-Step Processing -> Assign Tasks to Task Group


This procedure to assign tasks to group of business transaction. Example below, all my checking tasks assigned to “Sales Movements” group and financial transaction assigned to “Financial Movements” group.

11.Task - Group.png

SAP CAR – POS DTA Configuration Step by Step (Part 3)


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