Publish webservice on SAP PO – Part 3 (End)

Hello everyone!

In previous post, I showed you how to coding logic get data in SPROXY.

you can read that post again at link: PUBLISH WEBSERVICE ON SAP PO – PART 2

In this post, I will show you how to config in Integration Builder (IB) to publish webservice.

Goto Home page SAP PO  \ Integration Directory \ Integration Builder

Step 1: Create a folder store objects

My style, I will put all related objects in a folder. You can arragne objects based on your style.

Step 2:  Create Business Component for integration from outside to SAP CORE

Right click on Folder DEMO \ Choose New

Step 2.1: Set Inbound Interface

Input Service interface receive data, you can put multi service interface in a Communication Component.

Step 2.2: Set outbound interface

Input Service interface send data

Press Save button to save new Business Component. Yout must save data for next step.

Step 3: Create Communication Channels

Step 3.1: Create Communication Channel for Sender

Choose adapter SOAP and Http Security Level “HTTPS without Client Authentication

You must add certificate SSL to use protocol HTTPS.

Step 3.2: Create Channel for Receiver

Input option as below

Save channel

Step 4: Create Integrated Configuration

Config options for tracking log

Active all object created

Step 5: Publish interface in Service Registry (SR). Right click on object Integrated Configuration \ Publish in SR

Click Publish

Publish successfull

Step 6: Now we can view webservice.  Right click on object Integrated Configuration \ Display WSDL

Now we can test Webservice by SOAP UI tool.

To use https protocol, you update link from http to https and update port of https (in this case port is 50001)

I hope my blog series are useful for you.

Thank you!


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