Publish webservice on SAP PO – Part 2

Hello everyone!

In previous post, I showed you how to configure interface in Enterprise Service Repository (ESR).

you can read that post again at link: PUBLISH WEBSERVICE ON SAP PO – PART 1

In this post, I will show you how to coding on SAP ERP to apply logic process data based on input paramters of interface SI_Material_Receiver.

Goto TCode: SProxy

Go to Source \ ESR \ SWCs \ Namespaces \ <Your namespace>

Generate Service Providers which created in ESR : SI_Material_Receiver

When generate Service Provider SI_Material_Receiver , System will automatic generate  Implemeneting Class ZCL_SI_MATERIAL_RECEIVER. Double click on this class

Double click on method SI_MATERIAL_RECEIVER

You need to put your coding here.

Flow scenarios get detail of material, please refer my snipping code:

(This is my example, you can put your own logic code)

TYPESBEGIN OF ty_output,
             matnr TYPE mara-matnr,
             maktx TYPE makt-maktx,
             meins TYPE mara-meins,
             stprs TYPE mbew-stprs,
           END OF ty_output.

    DATAlt_input    TYPE zdt_material_input_list_tab,
          wa_input    TYPE zdt_material_input_list,

          lt_output   TYPE TABLE OF ty_output,
          wa_output   TYPE ty_output,

          wa_list_out TYPE zdt_material_output_list,
          lt_list_out TYPE zdt_material_output_list_tab,

          lt_matnr    TYPE TABLE OF mara,
          wa_matnr    TYPE mara.

    lt_input input-mt_material_input-list.
    LOOP AT lt_input INTO wa_input.
      CLEAR wa_matnr.
      wa_matnr-matnr wa_input-matnr.
          input        wa_matnr-matnr
          output       wa_matnr-matnr
          length_error 1
          OTHERS       2.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
      APPEND wa_matnr TO lt_matnr.

    SELECT mara~matnrmakt~maktxmara~meinsmbew~stprs
      FROM mara
        LEFT OUTER JOIN mbew ON mara~matnr EQ mbew~matnr
        INNER JOIN makt ON mara~matnr EQ makt~matnr
        FOR ALL ENTRIES IN @lt_matnr
        WHERE mara~matnr @lt_matnr-matnr
        AND   makt~spras 'E'
        AND   mbew~bwkey '****'. "this value based on your system

    IF lt_output[] IS INITIAL.
      wa_list_out-matnr 'N/A'.
      wa_list_out-maktx 'Not found'.
      APPEND wa_list_out TO lt_list_out.
      LOOP AT lt_output INTO wa_output.
        CLEAR wa_list_out.
            input         wa_output-matnr
           OUTPUT        wa_output-matnr.

        wa_list_out-matnr wa_output-matnr.
        wa_list_out-maktx wa_output-maktx.
        wa_list_out-meins wa_output-meins.
        wa_list_out-stprs wa_output-stprs.
        APPEND wa_list_out TO lt_list_out.
    output-mt_material_output-list lt_list_out.

Now, active your change in class.

You have completed apply business logic on SAP ERP system, in next post, I will show you how to configure integration builder to publish webservice to outside.

Thank you!


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