[SAP PO] – IDOCs don’t record in IDOC Adapter Monitoring

Hi Guys,

In SAP PO, when you install from beginning, IDOCs sent from SAP S4 will not capture in “IDOC Adapter Monitoring”. Short tip below will show you how to solve that issue.

When SAP ERP (ECC, S4) send message to SAP PO via IDOC Adapter, SAP PO will capture IDOC message into “IDOC Adapter Monitor” that useful for you when you want to check inbound idocs from SAP ERP.

By default, this function was disabled. I am not sure why SAP don’t active it by default. With IDOC Integration monitoring this option really important for us when we can check whether SAP PO received IDOC or not.

1. Issue

IDOC messages empty in “IDOC Adapter Monitor”

2. Resolve

Make sure you have right to change NWA parameters, refer link


After changed indicator, you can send testing idoc and see results.

Click on “Message ID” will lead you to messages was distributed to partners.

Thank you and hope useful for you guys.

Cuong Dang

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