[SAP CAR] – POS DTA Data Monitoring

Hi guys,

In this tip i will show you step by step to do SAP CAR POS DTA (Point of sales data transfer and audit) monitoring.

There are several parts of data transfer from legacy system to SAP CAR POS DTA depend on your integration landscape is.

Example, if in your landscape have integration middle-ware like SAP Process Integration, SAP Process Orchestration, Mulesoft, etc… then you need to check sales inbound of each point.

In this tip, i only show you guys how to monitor inbound sales receipt from partners system only. Let’s assume that data was transferred success through integration middle-ware.

In picture below, i putted common standard inbound sales receipt to SAP CAR.

1 – Inbound IDOC check

When you send sales data to SAP IDOC with basic type: /POSDW/POSTR_CREATEMULTIPLE04, you need to make sure that there are no technical issue with inbound IDOC.

TCode: WE02

Make sure that all inbound sales idoc are green

In some scenario, partner system sent wrong IDOC structure or logic of data. SAP CAR will validate and raise error, detail error will show when you click on error IDOC

Example issue, missing partner profiles on SAP CAR

2 – Inbound Queue Monitoring

IDOC created on IDOC workbench will send to inbound Queue Monitor. The question is why we need Inbound Queue ?

I am not sure why SAP did it, in my opinion SAP CAR designed for multi-channel and business. Data put to queue to help us control priorities of data processing. Example, customer has thousand of stores, there are F&B stores and convenient stores. As business requirement, convenient store’s data need to process and transfer to SAP ERP first, user want to check inventory first… then we perform process those stores from queue first.

In the technical perspective, i think it will help administrator split data and reduce huge data processing in the same time on CAR.


For testing, we can process inbound queue manually. For production system, inbound queue have to processed by background jobs.

Background job program: /POSDW/INBOUNDDISPATCHMON

When background jobs run, we need to make sure that all inbound data processed and no record show on “Inbound Queue”

3 – Check POS Workbench

Data processed from “Inbound Queue” will be send to “POS workbench”. Some tasks on “POS workbench” perform immediately, some are need to process by background job or manually.

Example, task to check duplicate transaction or check balanced transaction will be executed immediately. Tasks aggregate sales, payment and send raw data to SAP BW will be execute by manually.


You can filter transactions by status of tasks or transaction types

For testing purpose we can perform task manually for each transaction. For production system we have to run background jobs to execute tasks.

Data sent to POS workbench, master data will be audit by tasks or another tasks depend on your CAR setting up.

Detail error of each transaction will show on “Message” tab

There are two kind of error message you need to consider

+ Error with master data check, example, in some scenarios, POS sent to CAR some items with material don’t exist on SAP CAR.

+ Error with balanced audit check, example, sum of sales not equal with payment.

Depend on issue then we need to make decision whether will be fixed.

4 – Check send data to SAP ERP

Transaction checked on POS Workbench with success indicator will be transfer to SAP ERP and SAP BW.

Background job program: /POSDW/PIPEDISPATCHER

In the common process, SAP CAR will send sales and payment aggregated to SAP S4 through two basic type:

WPUUMS01 -> Sales aggregated

WPUTAB01 -> Payment aggregated

Transaction will be aggregated by Business Date / Store or follow your custom logic.

sales and payment aggregation tasks.

5 – Check outbound IDOC to SAP ERP | S4

TCode: WE02

SAP CAR will send to SAP ERP | S4, status is green mean data transferred to SAP ERP | S4. We need check IDOC created on ERP |S4 also green to make sure that sales and payment created business transaction.

Thank you and hope useful for you.

Cuong Dang


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