SAP T-Code (Transaction) search

Today we’re gonna dive into T-Code search foundation.

Following the second part of this blog topic about T-Code Favorites and KTRAN Transaction to look for a Transaction Code

You should add 3 T-Code to your favorites :

  • SEARCH_SAP_MENU : Find in SAP Menu based on program SSM_SEME
  • SDMO : Navigation Aid for Applications based on  program SUSM_SDMO
  • SAIS_SEARCH_APPL : Seach for Applications based on program SAIS_SEARCH_APPL

They’re looking for description of T-Code name in table TSTC

I’m also used to navigating through the following T-Code

  • /POSDW/REFT  : Index for TREX access in POSDW Transactions
  • RSA17 : BW Search engine
  • AD20 : Search Help Dictionnary to find list of values and how has it been fed

Moreover, there are more than 80 TCode for searching information according to the following list (some of them require Admin authorization and some configuration steps):

TCodeTransaction text
SAIS_SEARCH_APPLSearch for Applications
ESH_SEARCHEnterprise Search
W3_SEARCHSearch in Internet Server Objects
RSOS_SEARCHBI Metadata Search
ANST_SEARCH_TOOLAutomated Note Search Tool
/BCV/TEST_SEARCHCONSearch Connector Test
ESH_REG_REMSEARCHConfiguration of Remote Search
CNV_MBT_CUS_SEARCHCustomer Search Expert Modus
CNV_MBT_NOTE_SEARCHTo Search oss notes
SXI_READ_ARCHIVE_IDSearch for Archived XML Messages
SXI_READ_ARCHIVE_EXTSearch for Archived XML Messages
/BCV/SINCDefine Search Connectors
ABAPHELPSearch ABAP Documentation
BUS10BDT: Search Help
CNV_10992_JOBS_STARTStart search jobs
CRMC_SAF_ICKBKnowledge search attachment
ESH_DASHBOARDEnterprise Search Dashboard
ESH_IMGCustomizing Enterprise Search
ESH_MODELERSearch & Analytics Modeler
MDG_ANALYSE_IDMSearch Key Mapping
RSODADMINMetadata Search Administration
RSPC3Search Process Chains
S_BCE_68001290Search Server Relation
SDSH_CONFIGSearch Help Configuration
/BCV/SSTATDisplay Search Connector Statistics
ANSTAutomated Note Search Tool
CNV_21500_CUSEHR conversions: customer search
CNV_21500_CUSEIHR conversions: customer search
CNV_21510_CUSEHR conversions: customer search
CNVA_00006Content Based Search Transaction
COM_SE_ADMINSearch Engine Service: Admin
CRM_ES_SGENStructure generation for search
CRMC_IC_KSPROFDefine Knowledge Search Profiles
ESH_CUST_PERSCustomizing ESH Personalized Search
ESH_QUERY_LOGEnterprise Search Query Log
ESH_SUPPORTEnterprise Search – Support Tools
GFSWBGeneric Fast Search Workbench
OA_FINDSAP ArchiveLink: Document search
OAERSAP ArchiveLink: Document search
RSA17DW Workbench: General Search
SES_ADMINSearch Engine Service: Admin
SFSQBFast Search Query Builder
SFSSETUPFast Search Initial Setup
SO95Pregenerated Search Queries – Selec.
SUDSCONFIGUser Defined Search Configuration
SXMS_LMS_CONFUser-Defined Search: Config.
/POSDW/REFTAdministration of TREX Search Engine
AD20Search help maintenance (for IMG)
BUSSAEnter Transaction by Search Screen
CLGTSet Up Tables for Search
CM_DISPLAY_CONSENTSearch and Display Consent Records
CNV_10994_JOBS_STARTStart search and analysis jobs
OADRSAP ArchiveLink: Print list search
RSABAPSCStatic Program Analysis for Search (obsolete)
S416SGeneric Smart Search: Text Input
S416S_CUSTGSS: Maintenance of Search Patterns
S416SLGeneric Smart Search (column based)
S4H16SGeneric Smart Search: Multi Text
S4H16SLGeneric Smart Search: dependent read
SRSETest Search for the IMS
WE09Search for IDocs by Content
WE10Search for IDocs by Content
BUSROBP-CUST: Enter Using Search Screen
RSOSMBW Search on SAP HANA Maintenance
RSUSR_ROLE_MENUSearch for Applications in Role Menu
RSUSR_START_APPLSearch for Startable Appl. in Roles
APPSEARCHReporting Options for Appraisals
GFSRFWFastsearch Replication Monitor
PHAP_SEARCHEvaluate Appraisal Document
SXI_READ_ARCHIVERead from Archive (Using Archive)
PPPE_SEARCH_FOR_QFind Objects for Qualifications
Transaction Code for searching information in SAP

On demand blog post for each of the Bold T-Code previous list.

Thank you for reading and hope useful for you.


One comment

  1. Very good but lot of trans, what is the best way to find t code? what are you using as expert?
    for me I use se16n table tstc, is there a better way?


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