SAP GUI: Manage TCode and TCode favorites

There are thousand TCode (Transaction Code) in SAP, you don’t want to remember all right ?. You only use some tcodes regarding your daily tasks.

Let examples, you are master data member, normally will use TCodes: MM41, MM42, MM43 etc…

In this topic, i will show you how to manage and search tcodes more effectively.

1. TCode favorite

1.1 Show Tcode technical Name

Result will be show

1.2 Add folders and TCodes to favorite

Add TCode to your favorites folders.

You can add more shortcut then SAP TCode by

1.3 Upload and Download your favorites folders and tcodes

2. TCode search

There are many tcodes in SAP system, but SAP also provide us a tcode then you can search another tcodes by code, name or description by tcode: KTRAN

Then you can run TCode / Program directly from link of results

Thank you and hope you enjoy,

Cuong Dang


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