[sap car-dta] – process aggregation from car to sap erp|s4/hana

Hi Guys,

Tasks below to show you how to process sales data from SAP CAR DTA to SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP by background jobs.

STEP1: Make variant for data processing

Task CodeThe list of tasks code you want to execute, normally we will send Sales and Payment aggregated to SAP ERP
Posting DateTransaction date of your sales. You can set system current date or back date
Transaction TypeWhere your can filter type of transaction will be posted.
Save VariantClick “Save” button to save your variant, in the detail of variant we can set posting date dynamically.
Variant NamePut your variant name
DescriptionYour variant description
Only for background ProcessingChecked

Set filter for business date, the system will take your current system date to filter posting date of transactions.

if you want to process data in back date, can set variant

Let example, i want to process sales data from yesterday

Save your variant and display

STEP2: Make background Jobs to process transfer

Create background jobs to process transfer data

Job NameYour job name
Job ClassA for higher priority

Set Start Condition, here you can set it run daily for specific period.

Set Job steps, here enter your abap program and variant created previous tasks.

Save and finish job creation.


Cuong Dang


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