[SAP PO] – Test SAP PO SOAP Webservice by SOAP UI Tool

Hi Guys,

When we build SAP PO Webservice with SOAP standard, we need to public endpoints to third parties system to call services.

We can test services by using SOAP UI tool [1]. Below are step by step we perform test webservices.

1/ Install SOAP UI

Download Tool from : https://www.soapui.org/tools/soapui/

2/ Create new empty project and import WSDL

Create new project after SOAP UI installed

Add WSDL to new project


Enter WSDL Credential

3/ Perform testing

  1. Enter webservice credential
  2. Enter request parameters
  3. Execute request

Check Response Message


Cuong Dang (Cody)

[1] – https://www.soapui.org/tools/soapui/

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