Hi guys, in this article I want to discuss about How to use POLL RICH with SFTP adapter in integration flow CPI. Kindly take a look integration Flow

In this flow, we have two SFTP, one for sender and one for receiver. We also use Poll Rich component, this is component which will be combine, concatenate or replace XML original message from sender.

In Poll Enrich, we have 3 option for Aggregate Algorithm. Every option SAP have note

If for Aggregation Algorithm you’ve selected Combine XML or Concatenate, headers and properties from the original message (before the Poll Enrich step) are preserved. That means, after the Poll Enrich step has been processed, the message contains both the original headers and the headers from the polled message. If there’s a conflict with a header of the polled message, the latter one replaces the header of the original message. For example, the value of header CamelFileName is overridden by the one from the polled message.

If for Aggregation Algorithm you’ve selected Replace, this rule applies for properties only. In this case, the payload and headers of the original message are removed

So, we have note as

  • Concatenate & Combine : Header and Properties no change after Poll Enrich
  • Replace : Header and Payload will remove

Ok, here we go with this Scenario

Scenario 1 : Replace payload original with another which get from another file XML in SFTP

  • Sender adapter : HTTPS.
  • Content Modifier : Define some header and properties. Because of information of SFTP will use one for all SFTP and because of header will remove after Poll Rich, so we will define information of SFTP in properties.

In this define, we use externalize parameter. Kindly reference another post for externalize parameter.

  • Poll Enrich : with config Aggregation Algorithm is Replace

  • SFTP sender for Poll Enrich.

This SFTP configuration, we use dynamic configuration. Data in XML file will send to POLL ENRICH to replace original payload.

  • SFTP for receiver adapter
  • OK, It’s done for configuration. We will use POSTMAN to test this Scenarios.
  • Before run test, we need to set value for dynamic parameter.

Original payload

Message will replace by POLL ENRICH

Check XML output : OK

Scenario 2 : Combine XML ( Split message)

Scenario 3 : Concatenate ( No Split message)


In this article, I talk about POLL ENRICH component in SAP CPI. It use for scenario combine, concatenate and replace the original message payload look like transformation data. Thanks for your reading and any question, kindly your comment below this article.




  1. Hi Huy,
    Thanks for your blog. it’s really helpful for me. I am new to CPI. I have a requirement. I need to send files from SFTP to Odata API. when a message fails due to a mapping or data issue it should process to the Archive error folder and whenever the target server is down I need to send it to the JMS queue to reprocess the failed file in CPI. can you help me to achieve this requirement.


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