SAP S/4: How to get stuck IDOC number in SM58 Queue via Transaction ID (TID)

Hi Guys,

Long time haven’t posted an article, Cuong Dang is back :).

Today tips will show you how get pending IDOC Number in Outbound Queue (SM58) from transaction ID (TID).

First, the flow below is data flow for outbound IDOC from SAP S/4 to SAP PO or third-party system using IDOC technology.


2| Issues

In some scenarios, message stuck in outbound queue and you want to finger out what idoc number based on Transaction ID (TID). in SM58

3| Find IDOC Number from Transaction ID

3.1| Go to Tcode SM58, download error messages

3.2| Remove all unnecessary

3.3| Copy to Excel

Here you have all transaction ID, just remove duplicate lines.

4| Seach Transaction ID in IDOC table

4.1| IDOC Table name

Access TCode: SE16, table: EDIDS

4.2| Search transaction ID (TID)

Here you can see transaction ID mapped with SAP IDOC Number

5| Check IDOC content in IDOC workbench

TCode: WE02

Thanks and hope it useful to check integration data flow.

Cuong Dang

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