Hi guys, in this article I want to share my understand about CSD view in SAP S/4 HANA and how to expose it to ODATA and consume this ODATA from CPI – API management. I also talk about how to consume this ODATA from Fiori application by using SAP APPLICATION STUDIO and FIORI LAUNCHPAD SERVICE in BTP.

Kindly reference:

CDS View in S/4 HANA


SAP Business Application Studio


Expose CDS view and register CDS views as a service.

In this section, we will use SAP Gateway Service Build to add CDS view – for example in this blog I will CDS Views for Sales with name I_SalesOrganization

First, we will take a look structure and data of CDS view in S/4 HANA

  • T-Code: SDDLAR
  • T-Code: SEGW

Enter CDS-Entity name. This name we will get from SAP help

Next, we can select which data we want to expose from CDS views

Finish, we will see screen

Next, we will generate runtime object. Select project and click on GENERATE RUNTIME OBJECT

Next, we will register service.

  • Go to node Service Maintenance
  • Choose node

In this step to determined we can go to

  • T-Code: SPRO
  • ABAP Platform
  • SAP Gateway
  • OData Channel
  • Configuration
  • Connection Settings
  • Connect SAP Gateway to SLD
  • SAP Gateway to SAP System
  • Manage SAP System Alias

Next, Add service

After done, we will see green status

Click on SAP Gateway client to test service

Go to T-Code: SICF we will see registered service

Test service on browser, we will receive

Test on POSMAN with every method

Next, we will consume this ODATA from CPI – API management and Fiori launchpad in SAP BTP.

Consume ODATA from CPI – API Management

Next, we will use API management in SAP CPI to expose this ODATA for external system.

Using SAP Cloud connector to expose service

  • Login to SAP Cloud connector and mapping resouce of service

Using API Provider to connect ODATA

  • Go to Integration Suite
  • Go to Configure
  • Go to APIs
  • Path Prefix : /sap/opu/odata
  • Service Collection URL: /iwfnd/catalogservice/ServiceCollection


You have to go SICF and enable service /sap/opu/odata/iwfnd/catalogservice

Save and test connection

Create API from API Provider

For URL, we can get from SAP Client

Check resouce auto generation

Save & deploy API

Test from API Management

  • Go to Integration Suite
  • Go to Test
  • Go to APIs

OK, in this section we took a look how to consume ODATA which expose from CDS views in S/4 HANA by usung API management in SAP integration suite. Next, we will try to consume this ODATA from Fiori application by using SAP Business Application Studio.

Create destination on SAP BTP
  • Go to SAP BTP Cockpit
  • Go to Destination
  • Create new destination
  • Input as image
sap-client<sap client get data>
WebIDEUsageodata_abap, dev_abap

Check connection

Create develop space for SAP Application Studio
  • Go to SAP BTP Cockpit
  • Go to Instances and Subscription
  • Go to SAP Business Application Studio
  • Create DEV Space
Create project MTA – MultiTarget Application in SAP Business Application Studio
  • View -> Find command -> Search command : Fiori: Open CF Application Router Generator
  • File – Open Workspace – Choose csd_demo
Create SAP Fiori application freestyle in SAP Business Application to consume ODATA from CDS view
1 Connect to System
2 Destination name on BTP Cockpit
3 Service name register on backend
  • Set name for entity
  • Open view
  • Run App Locally in DEV SPACE
Build MTA project
  • Right click in file *.yaml and choose build MTA project
  • After build done, we will have file *.mtar in folder archive
  • Logon to sub account of SAP BTP Cockpit by command : CF – Login to Cloud Foundry
  • Choose ORG and SPACE for cloud foundry
  • Deploy MTA archive
  • Open mta.yaml and check destination name in section require
  • Create new terminal and run command line
cf html5-list -di cds_view-destination-service -u -rt launchpad
Subscript Launchpad Service
  • Go to SAP BTP Cockpit
  • Market place
  • Launchpad service
  • Assign Role Collection to User
  • Run
  • Go to LaunchPad application
  • Go to Channel Manager

We will see application after build MTA from SAP Business Application Studio. Next We will add this application into Launchpad service

  • Go content manager
  • Go to content explorer

Assign application for everyone

  • Go to content manager
  • Go to My content
  • Choose Everyone
  • Go to content manager
  • Choose New
  • Choose Group

Create Site

  • Go to Site Directory
  • Choose create site

Go to site, we will see application in here.

Go to app, we will see data displayed. Congratulation !


In this blog, I shared my understand about CDS view in S/4 HANA. I also share how to expose ODATA and consume it by using API management in Integration Suite. I also talk about how to using SAP Business Application Studio to build FIORI APP and use LaunchPad Service to build site and display data. Thanks for your reading and any advise or comment, kindly leave your comment on this.



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