Hi guys, after go around services on SAP BTP, I come back to post about SAP Integration Suite – CPI. Today I want to share my understand How to call API in Integration Suite to access data.

Let me example, we want to access to MPL (Message Processing Log) of integration suite to get data in it, we want to get message application id to check dupplicate data or not. How can we do ?

To resolve this requirement, I thought one way by using API in CPI to get message application from integration flow by HTTP receiver adapter and get response data compare with input value to check dupplication

Kindly reference here for API in integration Suite


To Try It, reference here https://api.sap.com/api/MessageProcessingLogs/overview

Create instance and service key for API Client

To call API in Integration Suite, first we should be create instance and service key with plan is API to get access token for API Client.

Go to SAP BTP Cockpit

Go to Subaccount

Create New Instance

Next step, we have to choose ROLES. Kindly reference on SAP Help to determine ROLEs.

To access data in MPL, we just need ROLE MonitorDataRead

After finish, we have client id, client serect and token URL, and host to connect API in next step.

Call API in Integration Suite

After create instance and service key, in this step we will call API in Integration Suite from POSTMAN Tool.

General enpoint for API in integration suite will be https://<URL Host>/api/v1/MessageProcessingLogs

Base on information in service key above, we start call API fro POSTMAN

We have many API to get data from CPI, kindly explore more detail on SAP Help.


In this article, I shared how to get data from CPI, example MPL from API Client. To do this, we should be create service intance Process integration runtime with plan api. One more, we have to get ROLE MonitorDataRead. Thanks for your reading and any advise, kindly leave your comment on this.



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