[ SAP SCC ]-How to install SAP Cloud Connector (SCC)

In this article, i will show you how to setup SAP Cloud Connector (SCC) step by step on Windows OS.

Cody Cuong Dang

1. Download and install prerequired packages.

1-1. Install SDK

Download SDK at: Java Downloads | Oracle 日本

1-2. Install Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013

Link download: Installation on Microsoft Windows OS | SAP Help Portal

1-3. Install SAP Cloud Connector

Download SCC at: SAP Development Tools (ondemand.com)

2. Start SAP Cloud Connector

2-1. Start from tool.

2-2. Start from windows service.

2-3. Start SCC homepage.

Link: https://localhost: <your install port>

3. Initial Configuration

First login to SCC

Default account of SAP Cloud Connector (SCC)

User: Administrator

Password: manage

3-1. Init setup SCC

3-2. Check Cloud Connections in SAP BTP.

3-2. Update the Certificate for a Subaccount


Cody Cuong Dang

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