SAP PO: Webservice with SOAP sender and REST Receiver scenario

Hi PO guys,

In this article, i will share you how to make interface webservice with sender is SOAP adapter and Receiver with REST adapter scenario, hope can help you to implement SAP PO.

In this demonstration, i will make simple login function call from SAP ERP to third party using REST and HTTP.

Enterprise Service Builder

Design data type

Design message type

Design service interface 

Design message mapping

Design operation mapping

Integration Builder

Define SOAP sender channel

Define REST receiver channel

Define Integrated Configuration Object

Enterprise Service Builder

Design data type

  • Data type for SAP sending request
  • Data type for SAP response request
  • Data type for Legacy sending request
  • Data type for legacy response request
SAP Sending request
SAP response request
Legacy sending request
Legacy response request

Design message type

for each data type, you can define message type as well

Define service interface

Outbound service interface and note that is synchronous message interface
Inbound service interface

Define message mapping

Request message mapping, here you can do mapping per your require as well
Response message mapping

Define operation mapping

Request operation mapping
Response operation mapping

Integration Builder (IB)

SOAP Sender channel

SOAP Sender channel , in this example scenario sender is SAP ERP or SAP CAR via Abap proxy

REST receiver channel

REST receiver channel general. REST webservice hosted can be HTTP or HTTPS. With HTTPS you need install client or server certification on SAP PO. I will show you how to install SAP PO certificate on another topic.
REST provider’s Endpoint (URL)
REST Operation. REST protocol standard work through HTTP operation method, example : POST, GET, DELETE etc. You can search REST standard methods on Internet. Methods identify by REST webservice provider.
REST Data format. Normally, REST adapter send and receive data via JSON format. In REST channel, you need convert data from XML to JSON for request messages and JSON to XML for response messages.

Integrated Configuration

SOAP Sender adapter
REST Receiver adapter

Thanks and appreciate for your comment.

Cuong Dang

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