SAP PO->Monitoring: Outbound IDocs

Hi SAP PO Guys,

Today, i will show you step by step to monitor outbound IDocs from SAP ERP to SAP PO and receiver protocol is File system (FTP / SFTP / Shared Folders).

In the ERP system landscape, SAP ERP is core system where master data, transaction data managed. In some scenarios, we need send master data and transaction data to partners system. Master data can be material master, vendor master, customer master, sales price, promotion etc… all kind of objects SAP had standard message type following EDI standard.

When SAP ERP integrate to partners system, we need to know data flow and where would be check when data wasn’t sent to destination system.

In this topic, i will show you ways to check outbound material master from SAP S/4 Hana to POS system via SAP PO with integration scenario is: SAP S/4 -> SAP PO -> SFTP -> POS (Point Of Sales), base on this example, you can do checking to another outbound IDocs as well.

1. SAP ERP: Sending Program

  • Sending program can be SAP standard program or custom program, sending program help send data to RFC port and partner profiles, here i won’t explain to you how to setup partner profile, maybe in another topic.
  • Depend on kind of master data object that we could have different sending program.
TCode: BD10, we can use for send material master.
(1) Material Number
(2) Message Type
(3) Logical system (Here is SAP PO Logical System)

2. SAP ERP: IDocs Workbench

  • When perform sending data, before message send to external system (SAP PO), SAP ERP will record message as IDocs in IDocs workbench (TCode: WE02).
  • In IDocs Workbench we can see details status, payload of message, base on message logs detail can investigate IDocs issue.
  • Each object’s data message send to partner system, SAP will create a number called IDoc’s Number. IDocs’s Number is unique number in SAP’s Client.
  • Outbound message have many status, you want to send IDocs to SAP PO system immediately or collected and send on certain time base on setup in partner profile.
  • With screen status, mean IDocs was send out of IDoc workbench.
  • To search IDocs data with specific segments / fields, you can use TCode: WE09
In WE02, you can search IDocs were created.
1) Group of outbound / Inbound message
2) Grouped by message type
3) IDoc’s Number
4) Status of IDoc
5) Receiver partner
6) Message type

3. SAP ERP: Outbound Queue

  • IDocs recorded in IDocs workbench, it isn’t mean data sent to SAP PO.
  • SAP push messages to queue and process one by one, IDocs processing speed depend on SAP PO receiver also.
  • IDocs in queue will be deleted when send to SAP PO success.
  • To check outbound queue, we can use TCode: SM58.
  • By default, messages stuck in RFC queue will be re-process but can be process manually.
RFC Queue
Error messages stuck in RFC Queue
Re-process message manually when fixed connection / metadata issues.

Steps above to show you how to check outbound IDocs on SAP ERP. Next step, we will check on SAP PO.

4. SAP PO: Check Inbound Message Logs

  • Access to SAP PO Homepage: http://hostname:port/dir/start/index.jsp
  • Go to “Configuration and Monitoring Home”. Here all inbound / Outbound messages logs will be present.
  • Here you can see overview of all inbound / outbound messages, status of each message and detail logs.
  • SAP ERP send one message and SAP PO can split and do mapping then pass to multi partners. So inbound message is one but receiver message after split can be many.
  • Error steps will be record in detail logs.
  • Message’s logs stored and archived base on your retention period setup.
Select “Configuration and Monitoring Home”
See all inbound / outbound messages
See all inbound IDocs messages
In messages monitoring, always make sure that all messages were delivered to partner systems successfully.
Check detail message logs
In message logs detail, it show steps to perform mapping and sending IDoc
Inbound message payload

Res-send, cancel error messages.

5. Partner System checking

  • In this scenario, i send master data SFTP server, messages processed on SAP ERP and SAP PO will sent to SFTP folders where i configured in receiver channel.
  • File name prefix and rules configured in receiver communication channel.


Cuong Dang


  1. Hi,
    Can we have steps for Inbound idoc scenario like to file to idoc_aae and idoc control record mapping,inbound idoc ale settings for single stack for connecting to multiple ecc clients.


    1. Hi Deepu,
      Thanks for your interesting my article.
      Normally, we used value mapping for 1 sap system. if you want send to two sap system, we need to adapt control records from source system where generate xml files.

      In sap pi/po you can create two channels to capture data of each partner system.


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