Hi buddies,

In this topic, i will show you how to check SAP PO system logs and meaning of each system logs files when you download from SAP PO.

What is system log viewer ?

SAP Process Orchestration will store activities of system, integration, and database events. In system log viewer you can see technical detail system status.

Base on information in system logs you can checking, monitoring and investigating issue and roots cause if any.

System logs stored with multi severity:

Fatal error messages

Error messages

Warning messages

Information messages

Path messages

Debug messages

Each log message, it has three group of information (1) log properties, (2) values of properties, (2) detail of message

View system logs step by step

Step 01: Access SAP PO Main page and SAP Netweaver Administrator.


XXX: your SAP PO host name or IP

YYY: Port number

Step 02: Troubleshooting -> Logs and Traces

Step 03: Filter log messages

Filter logs messages by severity
Log record details

Step 04: Download logs to text files

Download log files to your local computer then open by WinRAR or WinZip

Step 05: Log files types

[Auto number]_applications_00.0.log -> file content logs of activities of SAP PO Application level.

[Auto number]_database_00.0.log -> file content logs of SAP PO Database level.

[Auto number]_security_00.0.log -> file content logs of securities of application level.

[Auto number]_userinterface_00.0.log -> file content logs of user’s interface

[Auto number]_enterprise_services_00.0.log -> file content logs of enterprise services.

Depend on size and numbers of interface objects in your SAP PO system. Logs will be stored with files by versions.

Tips for search log files content with special keyword

When system is facing issues and there are many log files, it is difficult to search log content. We need use external tools to search errors with keyword. In my case, i use Notepad++ and search download log files.

Conclusion, to identify issues of SAP PO system, you need to finger out detail of message log in log files, that help you know root cause of issues.

Thanks for your reading, leave comment if any question.

Cuong Dang

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