SAP-PI – How to configure alert message to mail

Hi friends,

One someday, you get error message in run time and it exist in log that you don’t know. Example, call RFC get error and it will be done in log as follow

And you want to send these errors thought mail for support as soon as possible. Today, in the second post in this blog, I want to share my experiment for you as studying with together

Step 1 : Configure alert categories

  • Go to T-Code : ALRTCATDEF
  • Change alert definition : Shift + F2
  • Create alert category

At tab properties of below screen, enter description for this alert category. In my case, I enter ” FOR PI ERROR DEMO “

Tab container, configure expression that help us get data in log as : Message ID, Sender, Receiver …. For demo, I’ll create expression to get message ID. So, go on create button, We get screen below :

You can get more expression. Reference this table :

Tab Long and Short Text, you configure format for mail that will be send.

At this screen, you can get expression into your message which send mail.

In last, go to tab on top screen. Configure user who will be receive mail from this alert.

Go to T-Code SU01 and Input email for this user

Step 2 : Configure Business Communication Services

In this step, you have to configure SMTP node ( Host, Port).

At left pane, click on SMTP node.

At right pane, click create node

In screen SAP Connect : General node data of node. I configure mail host, mail port. Note, with PI 7.3 your mail server have to TRUST your PI. If mail server don’t trust your PI, cannot send mail.

In Settings, configure default domain to send mail. This domain is domain of your company which configured by exchange server. In my case, domain is

Step 3 : Configure alert rule on Runtime Workbench – rwb

Connect to SAP XI Runtime Workbench and Go to Alert Configuration.

In section Alert Rule Definition, configure for conditions and Where did the error occur.

Select Alert category which created in step 1.

In the end, click add rule.

Congratulation ! I created alert send mail for errors in SAP PI.

Thanks for you reading. If have any advise, please leave your comment on this. I’m very happy when studying together.


  1. Hi expert,

    That was a nice blog on Alert mechanism. I have a doubt here.

    This blog and CBMA, Are these same? If not, what is the difference? What will be the requirement to go for this Alert Message and What will be the requirement for CBMA?

    Your response and help will be appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance,


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