[SAP PO] – RESTFul Receiver channel configuration scenarios

Hello Mates,

In this article, i will show you how to configure SAP PO and 3rd system RESTFul API provider.

Key points here are you need to convert XML input payload to destination JSon format and how to use Pattern Variable Element and Custom HTTP Error handling.

Detail scenario:

Sender System: SAP ERP, SAP CAR, SAP System…

Integration System: SAP Process Orchestration

Receiving System: Third party RESTFul Webservice provider

1. ESR Object designer

2. Integration Builder objects

2.1 Sender channel

2.2 Receiver channel

2.2.1 End point URL Pattern

In REST Receiving endpoint you can hard code or get dynamic configuration from target message type.

Pattern Variable Replacement to help you get field’s value and pass into Pattern Element Name then you can use in URL pattern.

2.2.2 HTTP Operation

GETcollectionRetrieve all resources in a collection
GETresourceRetrieve a single resource
HEADcollectionRetrieve all resources in a collection (header only)
HEADresourceRetrieve a single resource (header only)
POSTcollectionCreate a new resource in a collection
PUTresourceUpdate a resource
PATCHresourceUpdate a resource
DELETEresourceDelete a resource
OPTIONSanyReturn available HTTP methods and other options
Based on vendor’s system API instruction, REST Operation will be manual input.

2.2.3 Identify your request and response message data format

2.2.4 Manage HTTP Header additional

In some vendor’s API, they need you provide additional information. You can fix values or get values from message type element.

2.2.5 HTTP Exception handling by

3. Logging check

3.1 Setting logging

In ICO, you can make logging and staging for mapping steps.

3.2 Check HTTP Additional Header

3.3 Check request / response message conversion

Thank you and hope you enjoy with RESTFul adapter.

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