SAP GUI: Copy SAP GUI connection to another machine

Hi guys,

This article show you simple steps to copy your SAP GUI connection from computer to another computer or backup SAP GUI connection when you re-install Windows etc…

This is small tip but it really useful when you had many connection and in some cases you want to share with your colleagues or customer or backup when you are going to re-install / Upgrade Windows.

1. Locate to SAP GUI connection file location

Open “Run” dialog by press short key “Windows + R”

Enter : C:\Users[Your Windows login User Name]\AppData\Roaming\SAP\Common

[Your Windows login User Name] is your login account to Windows.

2. Copy SAP GUI landscape or copy file’s content

SAPUILandscape.xml stored all SAP GUI connection information.

3. Copy file or replace destination with your content.

In destination computer, you can override file or change content with source.

After override SAPUILandscape.xml you need restart SAP GUI application to get effect.

Thank you and enjoy.

Cuong Dang


  1. I use my officially alloted SAP connection which Is working in my office computer and I intend to use this SAP connection to my personal computer at my home. Please help me to do this.


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