SAP IDOC: Understand SAP Inbound IDOC Process Code in Partner Profile

Hi buddies,

When you work with inbound IDoc scenarios, one of configuration step on SAP ECC / SAP S4 HANA is setup partner profile for inbound IDOC.

In inbound partner profile, you have to input “Process Code” parameter. So, what does it mean if process code ?

In this topic, i will give you overview of this parameter and how inbound IDOC work.

1-Inbound Partner Profile

When you send data to SAP ERP by IDoc scenario, SAP need identify your kind of document

Based on your input IDoc message type, SAP will routing function module and perform call function module accordingly.

In partner profile configuration (TCode: WE20) we have to enter parameter named “Message Type” and “Process Code”

Example, IDOC for create purchase order

2-Process Code

So, what does it mean of Process Code ?. Basically, Process Code is program will get and call method of function modules what configured in table TBDBE, search condition is your input Message Type


I would like use IDoc with message type : PORDCR1 => Create purchase Order,

Step 1: Partner profile (TCode: WE20)

Step 2: Input message type and process code

Step 3: View process code

Step 4: Check Function Module and Method by message type

Check function module name and method related with message type, table: TBDBE

3-How to make your own process code

In some scenario, you need to do enhance with inbound IDoc and can not use SAP standard process code, so you can develop abap function module and make process code by yourself.

Then you can re-input your process code in inbound partner profiles

Thank you for your attention, please note that i am not Abap development, information i shown you above per my understanding. Just let you “Integration Consultant” have some knowledge about inbound process code.

Cuong Dang

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