Hi guys, in this article, I want to discuss about scenario transfer XML file from SFTP to another one. Kindly take a look this article https://sapzero2hero.com/2022/03/17/sap-cpi-how-to-install-and-configuration-sap-cloud-connector-scc/ for know how to setup and configure SCC.

Step 1 : Configure at SCC for SFTP node

  • Connect to SCC
  • Click on Cloud to On Premise at left side
  • At Cloud to On Premise screen, click Add
  • Back-end Type : Non-SAP System
  • Protocol : TCP
  • Internal Host : IP/server name of SFTP
  • Port or Port Range : 1 – 65535
  • Vitural host : alias name for external system call in ( ex : sftp.cloud)

After finish, we have screen look like :

Connection Reachable

Check on SAP BTP, one connection is published.

Step 2 : Get host key and import file know-host into Security Material

  • Login SAP BTP
  • Go to Subaccount
  • Go To Instances And Subscriptions
  • Go To Integration Suite Applications
  • Go to Design and develop…
  • Go to Monitor tab on left side
  • Go to Connectivity Tests
  • Choose tab SSH
  • Host : <Vitual host of SCC> ( Ex : SFTP.cloud)
  • Port : 22
  • Proxy Type : On-Premise
  • Authentication : None
  • Copy Host key
  • Create notepad file and paste this host key in there
  • Go back monitor on left menu
  • Go to Security Material below Manage Security Group
  • Choose Known Host (SSH) below Upload dropdown list

Step 3 : Create account to connect SFTP from SAP CPI

  • Go to Security Material below Manage Security Group
  • Click Create dropdown button at right side
  • Choose User Credential
  • Name : <Set name for this credential and use in config> ( ex : sftp_sender)
  • Type : User Credentials
  • User : <User used to connect sftp server>
  • Password : <Password of user used to connect sftp>
  • Click Deploy

Step 4 : Test connection to SFTP and particular folder

  • Go to Connectivity Test
  • Choose tab SSH
  • Host : <Vitural host of SFTP> (Ex : sftp.cloud)
  • Port : 22
  • Proxy Type : On-Premise
  • Authentication : User Credentials
  • Credential Name : sftp_sender ( Ref : Step 3 )
  • Host key verification : Against Tenant
  • Check Directory Access : Choose any folder on SFTP
  • Send
This is screenshot connect OK to SFTP and folder.

Step 5 : Create Integration Flow

  • Go to Integration Suite Application
  • Click on Design at left side
  • Create new packages
  • Go to packages, at tab Artifacts click Add dropdown button and choose Integration Flow
  • Add Sender adapter with Type HTTP
  • Add Receiver Adapter with Type SFTP and configure as below to connect to SFTP on-premise
  • Save & Deploy

Step 6 : Test scenarios

  • Go to Postman
  • Create new request with method POST
  • Create body xml
  • Send and check in folder SFTP, we see that one file xml created in here


In this article, I showed how to create XML file and send it to SFTP on-premise system. Thanks for your reading and any question, kindly leave your comment below this articles.



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