Hello guys,

In this articles, I want to show step by step setup and configuration SAP Cloud Connector on local machine.

Step 1 : Download SCC

Go to URL : https://tools.hana.ondemand.com/#cloud

Download SCC

After download it , follow with instruction to setup SCC. After finish it, connect SCC with URL :

URL : https://<Server Name>:8443

User : Administrator

Password : manage (default)


SAP Cloud Connector will user hash key is SHA-256. So password default for manage is 181229424893BB65D94A74C2132B8B9E5ADFE851464FDB5CB9F49E8A8204BE7B

If you forget password, process steps

  • Stop SCC service
  • Go to ..\config
  • Open file Users, change password to manage in hash key SHA-256
  • Change password to default is manage with value SHA-256 is 181229424893BB65D94A74C2132B8B9E5ADFE851464FDB5CB9F49E8A8204BE7B
  • Start SCC

After logon finish, you have to change default password. And screen shot of SCC look like :

Login SCC screenshot

Step 2 : Connect SCC with BTP subaccount

In this step, You need to provide your BTP Subaccount

Fill all information of your BTP Subaccount

The following entries are mandatory :

RegionThe region you were you subaccount is created in – see picture below
SubaccountYour subaccount ID – see the picture below
Login E-MailE-mail addressed used when creating the BTP account
Passwordpassword used when creating the BTP account

IF successful, I will see a screen with similar setting as below


In first blog about CPI, I showed steps how to setup and configure SCC on local machine and how to connect with SAP BTP Subaccount as well. Next blog, I will talk about how to connect SFTP with SAP CPI. Thanks for your reading and if have any question, kindly leave your comment below this blog




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