Hi guys, in this article I talk about SAP Business Application Studio and how to create project in there


SAP BTP account. (Trial Or Production)

SAP HANA Database instances.

Reference Here to view How to create SAP HANA Database Instances.

Step 1 : Create development space
  • Go to SAP Business Application Studio

Take a note that dev space just exist 30 days. After this period, dev space will deleted.

Step 2 : Create development project
  • Click SAP HANA Database Project and click Start
  • Leave with default module name and Next
  • Leave with empty for field Namespace and Schema Name. Click Next
  • Fill information account and click finish

This is results

Step 3 : Create user-provided service

Take information of HANA Database by

Step 4 : Create user and Role in database
  • Create Role : genericRole00, genericRoleAP
  • Grant 2 role for SFLIGHT schema
  • Create user UPS_GRANTOR with pass DnATBG!1
Step 5 : Create hdbgrants File
  • Logon SAP Business Application Studio
  • Go to menu View
  • Find : Create SAP HANA Database Artifact

After done, we have

Edit file hdbgrant file. Just Grant for Role which create in step 4

Step 6 : Deploy project

After done, go to project and deploy it.


In this article, I shared How to create new project in SAP Business Application Studio. I also talk about How to create user, role in HANA database and created hdbgrant file in project. Thanks for your reading and any question, kindly leave your comment on below this.



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