SAP PO – POSDM|CAR – ERP|BW Integration overview

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This article will show you full flow of sales integration from legacy system to SAP CAR, SAP ERP and SAP BW. This article to help you guys who do SAP PO and SAP POSDM | CAR POSDTA consultant understand full system landscape of objects will be integrated between individuals system.

System Landscape of sales data from legacy to SAP retail

There are many option to design system landscape for SAP retail. Here, i just show you standard integration landscape from legacy system to SAP ERP retail via SAP Process Orchestration and SAP CAR POSDTA.

I dived to there group of system, the first group is legacy system, the second group is SAP Process Orchestration, SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) and SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server (SLT), the third group is SAP ERP Retail and SAP Business Warehouse (BW).

In this topic, i only focus on retail industry, other industry can be apply according business requirements.

Group 1: Legacy System

  • Legacy system is IT System, example Point Of Sales (POS), E-Commerce portal, Mobile devices, etc… where customer can play orders. Sales and customer’s data will be captured in legacy system. Legacy systems capture sales data i called “customer touch points”.
  • At customer touch points, cashier or customer enter goods, quantity, payment methods and additional information required for operation and customer services.
  • Master data controlled in SAP ERP. Materials, sale price, ect… information will be transfer from SAP ERP to legacy Systems via Integration System.

Group 2: Integration System and SAP POSDM | SAP CAR

  • SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) is stand alone SAP System, POS Data Transfer and Audit (POS DTA) is the same function on SAP POSDM. Moreover, SAP CAR contain more advantage functionalities but in this article i talk about POS DTA only. You can refer link here to see more detail of SAP CAR.
  • SAP Landscape Transformation replication Server (SLT) is a SAP stand alone system to support transfer data from SAP System to SAP System.

Group 3: SAP ERP and SAP BW

  • As you know SAP ERP already, SAP ERP manages inventory, procurement, financial and so on depend on industry and activated components.
  • In this landscape, SAP ERP retail managed master data, consume sales, payments and financial transaction from SAP CAR.
  • SAP Business Warehouse(BW) is a SAP stand alone system to storage data provide for reporting, data analysis etc…

Outbound Integration

  • Master data controlled on SAP ERP and send to SAP CAR via SAP SLT. Replication tables from ERP to SAP CAR will be configured in SAP SLT by basis consultant. With SAP CAR POS DTA, we need replicate master tables in list of SAP was recommended.
  • SAP BW will pull master data from SAP ERP by scheduler.
  • SAP ERP send master data to legacy System via SAP PO. SAP PO consumes IDocs messages from SAP ERP, do mapping and transfer to legacy systems via integration protocols. Standard objects list are plant master, material, sales price, etc… some specific data objects will be send to legacy up to require from legacy system or business requirements.

Inbound Integration

  • Legacy system: legacy system collects sales data then generate XML | JSON | CSV | TXT files follow format and send to SAP PO via FTP | SFTP | RFC protocols. To interface to SAP CAR POS DTA, normally we use basic type: /POSDW/POSTR_CREATEMULTIPLE04, to see detail of data structure you can open this basic type with Tcode WE60.
  • SAP Process Orchestration (PO): SAP PO connect to FTP | SFTP | Shared Folder pick data files then perform mapping and transfer to SAP CAR via Remote Function Call (RFC) protocol. IDoc with basic type” /POSDW/POSTR_CREATEMULTIPLE04” will created on SAP ERP.
  • SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR): SAP CAR receive data from SAP PO and put in queue waiting for jobs executing. Once data in queue was executed, master data checking will be perform per tasks setting. Normally, end of day SAP CAR will collect data perform aggregation tasks then send to ERP.
    • /POSDW/POSTR_CREATEMULTIPLE04 basic type used for inbound with multiple purposes, for sales, goods movement, financial, control record and information transaction.
    • WPUUMS01 basic type used to send aggregated sales data to ERP.
    • WPUTAB01 basis type used to send aggregated payment data to ERP.
    • WPUFIB01 basic type used to send individual financial transaction to ERP example: End of day cash declaration, customer deposit, credit payment, installment, etc…
    • WPUWBW01 basic type used for goods movements transaction.
    • WPUBON01 basic type used for sales data with none aggregation
    • Send raw data to SAP Business Warehouse.
SAP Provide standard tasks to send data to external system
Tasks executed

In SAP CAR IDocs workbench, you can see list of inbound and outbound IDocs captured.

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    1. Hi Amaury,
      First, thanks for your interesting my article.
      I haven’t use task 005 on my projects, but when i look add logic of abap code of this task, i can guess this task will re-send data to BW system without any validation. You can check code login in abap class : /POSDW/CL_IM_TASK_BW_OLD

      Let me know if any interesting what you finger out.

      Cuong Dang


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